Wednesday, May 23, 2018

LIly of the Valley

Hi sweet friends!
Friday I held my monthly creative class
something that I truly love doing is garden sharing
If you don't know what that is, it is when you share starters of plants from your garden with others.

My beds are covered in the beautiful and dainty Lily of the Valley, this ground cover has a sweet scent and a look of romance.
I used peat pots that you can plant directly into the ground with the plant in them.
We planted the Lily of the Valley in the peat pots and added those cute little Lily of the Valley signs to them in the event anyone wanted to gift their's 
Do you share starters from your garden?
what are your favorite plants?

Monday, May 21, 2018

Manly Moments

This month's Paper Pumpkin Manly Moments arrived and couldn't be a more perfect kit for birthdays, Father's day, graduations, etc.

Here's just a little sampling of the five cards and how I put mine together.  I didn't change them too much this time.  
They are pretty awesome as is!

Have you signed up for Paper Pumpkin yet?
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Wouldn't you love to get a kit monthly with everything you need to create a project or cards or home decor?
Come check it out!

Inside each card I stamped Father's Day to you.
It's coming right up, get prepared early!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Rose Boxes

Hello friends!
I shared with you last week the little masculine boxes with the mustache and bow tie.
Well, how about some pretty little rose boxes?

I made these up for an event I had coming up
Again, I filled them with the dark chocolate caramels.
The roses are made with a rose die for the Big Shot
The center of the roses are a white pom pom

Look at my "little" visitor I had the other day
There were three of them!  A mamma and two yearlings
This is one of the yearlings, and I tell you, it was big!
I've got to stop making such good meals, 
they love the leftovers and garbage!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Creative Class

Spoiler Alert for those of you attending tomorrow's 
creative class!
This is one of the projects we will be making

These are nice sized blocks that can hold all photos, special cards, flowers you name it. 
 I added all three to show you just how much you can add to them.

Now,  I cannot take creative credit for these babies, I happen to see them down in Waco at the Harp Design store and thought, wow!
we could make these! 

So I went ahead and cut a board at 8 x 11" and white washed it
I then just wrapped the twine around the wood and adhered it with a staple gun with just two staples.  Then decorate!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Mustache Box

Just in time for Father's day gifting
These cute little boxes filled with dark chocolate salted caramels

I used small 2 x 2" box and added the small mustache and 
bow tie to the front.  

Perfect to set around the table for Father's day or a birthday
grooms favors, graduation, the list goes on.....
we are all always in need of a masculine idea aren't we?

and of course they are filled with what I always show you, my fav dark chocolate sea salt caramels.  Which can be now found in the extra large container at Costco for 9.99~~  yaaaaassss pleeeeze!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Magnolia Silo Marathon

Good Morning!
So not to bore you too much with the Waco trip, here is my last post about it.  One of the highlights was being able to volunteer at the inaugural Silo District Marathon.  The race consisted of three runs.  The 5K, the Half Marathon and the Full Marathon.  We were lucky enough to get to run ( that means be in charge of!) the halfway mark on the course which would be the 13 mile mark.  For those unaware, the half marathon is 13.1 miles, the full is a 26.2 mile run.  Phew! right?!
And look at those smiles!  What would a run be without swag!!!!

We had to be there at o'dark hundred hours,
 so we got to see the beautiful sunshine

Here we are preparing all the gatorade, water and gel packs for the runners. 
Below, this is my where's the Texas heat look,  I was freeeeezing!
(love those gloves)  It finally did warm up to a balmy 88

Chip started off the race with some encouraging words 

Next up was Joanna with her cute little baby bump and the kids

Getting ready!
Each one of the kids were to run a leg of the race with Chip. They planned on 2.6 miles for each, but once they got started they all kept running longer than expected.  How sweet was that!

Wondering why Chip ran in his tool belt?
He had a friend that was suppose to come run the race but was unable to make it.  His friend still ran the race where he was on his own wearing all the firefighter gear.  Chip decided to honor his friend who was carrying that extra weight by adding his tool belt

We are done!
And we were so happy to be a part of the race 
and be able to cheer and encourage everyone
This was a Boston marathon qualifying race, so we able to see some really talented elite group of runners come through
Amazing what we can do when we put our minds to it
That is all from the Waco trip, now back to some creativity!
Enjoy the weekend friends!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

More Magnolia Silos

Sharing some more pics from our Silo visit
This is when we were there on friday
As you can see there are no people, at least hardly any
Above is the actual Magnolia store

This is the view from the grass lawn where there are food trucks lined along the backside of the fence.
  There is plenty of tables and areas to sit and eat

These were the bathrooms
So cute inside, should have taken a picture
There is jasmine lined along the wall, and it smells so good!

This is the cutest vintage truck they have for photo ops
(no one there!! we were lucky let me tell you!)

So this is the next day, clear skies and much more people!

I took a bunch of pictures of the inside of the store displays
obviously my fav!  here are a few.....

Such pretty displays, all over

And of course there has to be Chip's corner
Everything a guy needs for his man cave and more!